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Chapter Four.

Why people, which are being born in different times of the year, differ by their inner energy?

The astrologers confirm that stars are influencing human’s psychology and nature, in accordance to this are distinguished 12 zodiac types, for each of these it is being composed a horoscope. In antiquity the scientists observed that people, which were born in different times of the year, differ by their temper and energy. For example, in the same family, the same parents give birth to children, who are absolutely different by their tempers, this means that the heredity and educational factors aren’t the main. For instance, such great talents as Pushkin, Einstein, Chaliapin haven’t got worthy continues amongst their descendants. This could be explained by a particular temper that has been existed at the generation of the child.

Also we mention that when horoscope it is necessary to take into consideration the influence of kinetic energy of Earth. People, who are born at the year’s beginning or at the year’s midst, get from Earth different energy. For comparison: humans, which are born in winter, differ by their inner energy from those, who are born in summer, because the Earth has different kinetic energies in different times of the year. In winter the kinetic energy of Earth is bigger then in the summer, because the velocity of motion is greater.

In the picture "figure-1” are represented the Sun and the Earth. By black-and-white circles it is marked the site of Earth along its orbit during 12 months. In winter the Earth is found nearer to Sun and moves faster, but in summer it is farther and moves more slowly.

We already know from the aforesaid that the Earth’s velocity (that is to say kinetic energy) permanently changes depending on the Moon’s and Sun’s site. The transition of Earth from one velocity to another is influencing on the nature as a whole, and on people, as a part of nature. When the Earth’s velocity increases, its energy grows, and in this time interval active children are generated. When the Earth’s velocity decreases, its energy decreases too, in this time passive children are arising. It is necessary to face this factor and take into consideration exactly the time of the conceiving of the child. 

Let’s examine some examples from history, which prove our theory. The 1905-1907’s revolution had started after the shooting up the workers in Sankt-Petersburg on the 9th of January 1905, when the Earth’s energy had been on its top, after what had begun its decline. The revolution had finally failed in June 1907 that is to say at the minimum energy level of Earth. Another revolution in Russia – the Great October Revolution in 1917 had won, in spite of the fact that it had more chances to fail after the treasonous speech in a print of Zinoviev and Kamenev. It won, because it happened in the period of increasing energy of Earth.

The Second World War had begun at the 1st of September 1939, when the energy is increasing, and during this period Hitler passed a triumphal march through Europe, invading countries one after the other. But a quite different period of war for Hitler’s army began in June of 1941 when it attacked the Soviet Union. We know that the summer energy is characterized by a decline, that is to say the Hitler’s fail was predestinated by the particularities of Earth’s energy. Speaking about the Great Patriotic War from years 1941-1945, we can note that the important for Soviet Union battles, which had become decisive on different stages of war, happened in winter. The Moscow battle, which had being with a defensive character before the 5th of December, after the counteroffensive from 5th -6th of December (increasing energy) ended successfully for soviet army. In the Moscow battle for the first time had been scored a victory on the German-fascist army and reasoned its invincibility away, the plan of blitzkrieg had been prevented.

The battle in the Stalingrad region was long-lasting and had been started with defensive battles in summer of 1942 (Earth’s energy is on minimum), but since autumn 1943 the offensive of fascist army has been stopped. In winter 1943 the soviet army proceeded to attack. Reflecting in winter (increasing Earth’s energy) the enemy’s attempt of releasing the surrounded group, the Red Army liquidated it.

Napoleon had attacked Russia in summer too, when the Earth’s energy is the lowest, thus he failed.

The energy on the Earth’s surface changes hourly, and people, of course, perceive these changing. For a better explanation we examine such a physical phenomenon as the forming of tides. Tides happen twice a day, and along these areas on Earth people turn out to be under the influence of energy of this natural phenomenon. It is visible on seaside how tides happen, but on the dry land it’s not possible to observe it, also we can directly see what influence is exerted upon people from this region. Children, conceived in the period of high water, differ by their inner energy from those who were conceived while the forming of low water, in spite of the fact that it happened in the same day. It is necessary to take into consideration that tides are various by their intensity during a month and a year. The low waters during a month depend on the system Earth-Moon. About the system Earth-Moon you can recall from the chapter "How does the Earth’s motion influence the weather and tides?” and referring to pictures figure-1, 2. Also exists the second factor, which influences tides, this is the system Earth-Sun. About system Earth-Sun you can see in the chapter "The discovery that complements the Kepler's laws of planetary motion” and pictures figure-3, 4. Children conceived in different times of the year, but exactly during the high water, will also differ one from other, because Earth has different kinetic energy. When the astrologists tell that for a correct prediction and horoscope composition it is necessary to know exactly the time, date and place of birth, it is right. But they wrongly refer only to stars and planets, not taking in account the kinetic energy of Earth. So, all of the horoscopes could be considered to be only approximately exact. For example, the horoscope indicates if the person is fundamentally having the capacity to become a minister or a writer, but when this capacity could be realized – this, firstly, is a matter of time, and secondly, it could not be realized at all. If in the future the astrologists would take in consideration such a factor as kinetic energy of Earth, the precision of horoscopes will increase. 

People, themselves not realizing it, are influenced by Earth’s energy. Since the conceiving moment till the old age, human is influenced by energy of Earth. One visualizes that he (she) is the master of his (her) fate and he can manage it, but, unfortunately, he or she is energetically dependent on ambient. How right were the ancient philosophers saying: "you can’t come into the same river twice”. That river, which was a moment ago, already doesn’t exist. It is absolutely other- either by energy or another factors. It is very demonstrative in such case the Napoleon Bonaparte’s destiny. In November 1799 he had done a coup d’état, as a result of which became first consul. In this period the energy of Earth had been increasing and helped Napoleon to realize his plans- in 1804 he had been proclaimed emperor. But in March 1815when he had ascended the throne the second time, his expectation for restoration weren’t met. The Earth’s energy (decreasing in this time) turned out to be stronger than Napoleon, he was powerless to undertake anything and after the defeat at Waterloo he abdicated a second time on 22nd of June 1815. Pay attention at this date - 22nd of June! (the date of Hitler’s attack on USSR). If cross a historical parallel, it is becoming obvious: the date of Napoleon’s political fiasco became fatal for Hitler too, predestinating the ruin of invasion of Soviet Union plan. The 22nd of June is the day of solstice of summer, when Earth has the lowest velocity and minimal energy.
In accordance with the classical astrology, the zodiacal signs are classified into male and feminine.

Male signs:

Female signs:













In accordance with our theory this subdivision is somewhat right, because it is more important to take into account the conceiving time, not the birth one. Beside this, upon the forming of the future human’s temper, upon that if it will be male or feminine, influences the following: one who was conceived while the increasing energy and in time of high water will be born active (either men or women will have a male temper). And on the contrary, if the conceiving happened while the decreasing energy and tides don’t take place, these people will be characterized by tenderness, excess emotional. When we mention the tides, this doesn’t mean that they influence only on people who live in those regions where it happen. It is necessary to note – not the tide itself influences the people’s psyche, the Earth’s acceleration does.

In the classical astrology the signs are subdivided by elements into 4 groups: fire, earth, air and water.

We consider that the subdivision into four groups could be correlated with that that Earth has four levels of changing of kinetic energy during the year:
1 – Earth’s velocity is maximal;
2 - Earth’s velocity decreases;
3 - Earth’s velocity is minimal;
4 - Earth’s velocity increases.

We consider that this division corresponds to four kinds of temper:
1 – sanguine-strong, well-balanced, lively type;
2 – phlegmatic-strong, well-balanced, inert type;
3 – melancholic-weak type;
4 – choleric-strong, unbalanced, rampant type.

We will cite some instances. People conceived in period of a maximal velocity of Earth are characterized by a strong health, endurance, they can become excellent sportsmen or militaries. Amongst them are such famous personalities as Dmitry Donskoi, Nero, Lomonosov, Nostradamus, Nobel, Makhno, Kolchak, Stalin, Francisco Franco, Georgy Zhukov, Rokossovsky, Eisenhower. 
People conceived in time of increasing Earth’s velocity, are endowed with good health, they are active and full of energy, due to which they attract people’s attention. Examples of such personalities are: Alexander of Macedon, J. Garibaldi, N. Miklukho-Maklai, R. Amundsen, N. Bonaparte, Dumas father and son, L. Tolstoy, Louis XI, Louis XII, Mikhail Kutuzov, H. Ford, B. Mussolini.
The conceived in the period of decreasing of Earth’s velocity possess a not so good physical health, instead they are distinguished by their turn, aptitude for scientific activity: such as Copernicus, Kepler, Galilee, Newton, Pasteur, Einstein. Amongst these personalities such famous political figures are standing in a separate group as Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, and Mikhail Gorbachev. 
People conceived in time of minimal velocity of Earth have a failing health, suffer from innate diseases. Nature compensates their poor health with that that it endows them with a powerful energy. They are diligent, working on and improving themselves, learning a lot. They follow straight their goal. Realizing that they’ll never meet their high aims alone, they call to adherents, unite people. The influence, which they exert on people around them, is hypnotic. These personalities are well-known by everyone: political figures Ekaterina II, Karl Marx, V. Lenin, and A. Hitler, the arts men H. Andersen, P. Tchaikovsky, N. Gogol, M. Gorky, and Ch. Chaplin. 
In conclusion we note some important moments. Chronologically, our classification coincides with the existent in astrology division in zodiac signs. But the difference is in that that we tell about the calculation of energetic factors of Earth, and not about the calculation of stars’ position.

The conclusion of fourth chapter is the sixth regularity:
The changing of Earth’s velocity along the orbit influences the people’s psyche and their destinies.    

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